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Dynamic Paint Products Inc was founded in 1974 by Bert Mumby, a seasoned sales professional of the paint sundries industry. The company first started off in the garage of the Mumby family home and employed just a few sales professionals with a small assortment of products. When sales grew so did the company and the need for more employees, office and distribution space. Bert’s son, James Mumby soon took over the family business and grew the brand across Canada and greatly expanded its product offering. Growth caused Dynamic to re-locate a few times before settling in Mississauga, Ontario in an 83,000 sq ft facility that houses the Canadian head office, product distribution and fulfilment and manufacturing arm of Dynamic. In 2014 Dynamic was acquired by the Merit Distribution Group and became a wholly owned subsidiary. As part of the Merit Distribution Group, Dynamic joins Lancaster, the largest distributor of paint accessories in North America and a recognized leader in the paint industry. The company’s vision still remains the same today as it did over 40 years ago, to produce and design products that deliver on both quality and value for our customers. We continue this tradition by expanding our catalogue with new innovative product offerings and innovating on old ones, making it easier for everyone to get painting.